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WHAT IS 1977?

1977 es un colectivo de jóvenes artistas LGBT que toma su nombre de la primera manifestación del Orgullo en España.

1977 nace para proporcionar un espacio donde tengan cabida nuestras historias y experiencias, que tan a menudo se olvidan en los medios y en el arte de masas, y engloba a artistas de muy diversas disciplinas.

Desde 1977 somos conscientes del poder de difusión y transformación de las redes sociales, y llevamos ya un tiempo promoviendo eventos abiertos en Twitter e Instagram donde todos son bienvenidos a participar, además de poner a disposición del público nuestras creaciones conjuntas, en formato de fanzines.

En el futuro, 1977 aspira a convertirse en una verdadera red de apoyo y colaboración entre las voces creativas que se están gestando actualmente en España y que hacen de lo LGBT su arma de lucha tanto en la ficción como en las calles.



00. NAME: theo

01. PERSONAL INFO: andalucia/madrid ; 1999

02. ROLE:



05. MOTTO: "what is done with love is done well" (vincent van gogh)

06. LOCATION: @malorde ; @malorde ; @ayjopemacho


00. NAME: Elliot Cain

01. PERSONAL INFO: Madrid; 1997

02. ROLE: patron saint of fallen creatures and punk music

03. WEAPON OF CHOICE: A pen to write mild comedy horror stories and draw a lot of character design.

04. PERSONAL STATS: Currently working on a series of interconnected horror tales called "The Graveyard Boys" and some minor projects focused on LGBT activism.

05. MOTTO: "don't be afraid of ghosts, they're just trying to warn you. listen to them."

06. LOCATION: @FallOutStarBoy ; @SaintPunkrace


00. NAME: david orión

01. PERSONAL INFO: madrid ; 1994

02. ROLE: writer, sensitivity reader, psychologist and dad friend

03. WEAPON OF CHOICE: 17' inches laptop and lots of coffee. i love to write coming of age stories, dramas full of drowning scenes and found families. loss, death, and violent intimacy are my favourite jam.

04. PERSONAL STATS: finishing the first draft of my first book, #PROYECTOESCALERA, which is spanish queer, psychology NA, while i write some fanfiction (usually AFTG or HANNIBAL), and present short stories to diverse anthologies. working also on #PROYECTOROOFTOPBOY, about the importance of the civil war and dictatorship heritage in spain. i run a blog with reviews and awful self-promotion and i'm studying to become an editor.

05. MOTTO: "to the truth, and all its consequences" (hannibal, tv show by brian fuller)

06. LOCATION: davidorion


00. NAME: Luk

01. PERSONAL INFO: albacete/madrid; 1997

02. ROLE: part time actor, full time CRYBABY

03. WEAPON OF CHOICE: myself, bc that's all i need on stage, but if i'm not working well i always carry a notebook and a pen to express my feelings through ink.

04. PERSONAL STATS: i'm putting together a theatre troupe called "sin rumbo fijo" that will play any kind of performances. i'm working too on a little story about feelings and magic realism.

05. MOTTO: "people say nothing is imposible, but i do nothing everyday." (winnie the pooh)

06. LOCATION: @ChibiQueer16 ; @captainlu16


00. NAME: Shiki Owo
01. PERSONAL INFO: Galicia Madrid
02. ROLE: a willing hand
03. WEAPON OF CHOICE: Clipstudio, Yiynova/Wacom
04. PERSONAL STATS: planning zines about LGBT women
05. MOTTO:
06. LOCATION: @shiki_owo @shikiowo


00. NAME:
02. ROLE:
05. MOTTO:


00. NAME: jean jude

01. PERSONAL INFO: madrid; 1998

02. ROLE: sometimes a psychology student, sometimes a poet, but more usually the kind of character who would be interpreted by scholars as a peak example of gay coded repression

03. WEAPON OF CHOICE: my favorite thing to write are stories about boys who despair over being touched and long for distant homes and hazel trees and eat fresh fruit and love their mothers and kiss other boys and have intricate relationships with god and throw around rimbaud quotes just because and try their best to be gentle and good and usually fail. and of course i write poems about how i am a boy of the aforementioned kind.

04. PERSONAL STATS: i am currently working on a very sacrointense novel, IN EXCELSIS DEO, full of boys who love boys and girls who love girls and girls and boys who want to overthrow the government, and found families and tender feelings ( i hope ). i will be organizing a writer's group in madrid this year, also, and i hope to work on a poetry collection titled SANTORAL.

05. MOTTO: " it is easier to tell a story of how people wound one another than of what binds them together" (anne carson)

06. LOCATION: @arcchangeis ; @transmartyr ; tendermartyrs



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